What we do

An introduction to Rossway RDA

We provide opportunities to ride or simply be with horses and to support children & adults with physical, emotional or psychological challenges. Some riders are referred by their school or GP, while others join us independently. However you hear about us, we are here to help the rider to improve their confidence, their balance, core strength and general muscle tone. We currently have riders with a wide range of disabilities including Anxiety, Arthritis, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Down’s Syndrome, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Epilepsy, Learning Difficulties, Multiple Sclerosis, Strength & Balance Issues, Visual and Hearing Impairments

Our qualified Coaches work with riders individually to develop appropriate activities.

What to expect

Wear stretchy trousers or leggings or jodhpurs and boots with a small heel if you can. Gloves can be a good idea, but no flappy scarves or baggy jackets (they can frighten the horses!). We can provide a suitable riding hat.

The horses all have saddles with an extra handhold, and we have sheepskin saddles as well as conventional saddles. We also have reins with handles if needed and everyone starts on the leading rein.

First you need to get onto the horse. Depending on your mobility, this can be very easy or a bit more complicated. We have a large mounting block with an extra step. Netty, one of our riders shown in the video here, needs a little extra help to get on, but is a great rider once she’s aboard.

In good weather, we sometimes go out for a hack. Whether we ride indoors or outside, each rider will have a Coach in charge at all times, and a leader and side walker as needed. Our volunteers are there to help and support the rider and to make the session safe and enjoyable.

Our Horses

Darcy's arrival

Our newest horse is Darcy, born in 2016 arrived in August 2023. She is a 15hh Irish Cob.

Darcy having a checkup with the dentist

Care of our horses

Our horses are very well looked after at Shardeloes, a BHS accredited riding school and received a 5* rating from the Buckinghamshire County Council inspection in October 2023. Our horses are popular with the riding school and when not on RDA duty, they support many non-disabled riders to learn equestrian skills. They also teach the students at Shardeloes how to ride and teach as they work towards their BHS exams.

Our horses live together as small herds in their own fields and come in every day for a check-up and feed. In the winter they are clipped and rugged. With regular farrier, vet and dentist visits, the horses are very comfortable and healthy.

Our qualified Coaches work with riders individually to develop appropriate activities.