Volunteer with us

Where do our volunteers come from?

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, some with a horsey background, some with a professional caring background and others with no prior experience. We need volunteers to support our riders, our horses, to make the tea and poo pick. There is always plenty to do.

Training our volunteers and horses

We hold regular training days where we have a guest speaker, or discuss a particular topic, find out more about the challenges our riders have, or simply a hands-on practice of the sorts of things we do with our riders. Our volunteers sometimes play the part of our riders, so they understand how our horses respond. We also practice not all speaking at the same time!

Volunteer Testimonials

Our volunteers give up their time to work with our horses and riders. Some volunteers have been with Rossway for decades, others for just a few weeks. This is what our volunteers say:

I love it. Everyone is very friendly and were really welcoming from the start. You are trained and gently assessed and it is very organised but everyone mucks in and does what is needed in a very relaxed way making it a delightful place to be. The riders get an enormous amount out of it and so do I.

How to apply

Please complete and email back this form to us at rosswayrda@yahoo.co.uk

Download application form