Ride with us

When do rides take place?

Our main rides are on a Thursday afternoon during term time, although we also arrange occasional rides on a Monday. We ride in the indoor school or sometimes go out for a hack in the beautiful woodlands surrounding the stables. Most lessons are in classes of up to 5 riders although there is also 121 support.

It’s what you can do that counts

Our riders have various visible and invisible physical or psychological challenges, but around horses, there is always something they can achieve. Our riders are aged 5 – 75 and there is something for everyone, whether you have any previous experience with horses or none. This might mean petting a pony, grooming, or leading them around. It might mean quietly sitting on a horse and absorbing the warmth & kindness of the horse. It can mean riding on a lead rein with helpers either side for safety or it can mean riding independently but under supervision. Or it can mean competing against riders from other RDA groups at a show. It’s what you can do that counts!

Ella won first place at the RDA Regionals hosted at the Berkshire College of Agriculture in 2023

How to apply

Fill in this form and email it to us at rosswayrda@yahoo.co.uk . We’ll take it from there. Please bear in mind that there is a wait list for some of the classes, but we try to accommodate as many as we can.

Download application form